on his card dwarslezer writes: for the necessary question marks concerning the news
DWARSLEZER [i.e. cross-(grained)-reader] was meant to be standing behind the microphone, but one day before the red carpet was trodden he had to cancel the appointment.
What follows - his speech - was then sent to us by e-mail. This was the material Rens Merkelbach used to destillate the words from, which he spoke on the conference (the next day):

Ladies and gentleman,

I write a web-log. Sometimes it's commented to be one of far too few blogs with grammatically correct content, though my sentences are of a complicated nature and the orthography I use stems from 1960 or even from before those days.

This linguistic correctness I owe to thony of de proefpers who ruthlessly proof reads and corrects me, both my Dutch blog as well as the version in Spanish. It is possible though you'll find left-over mistakes in the contributions I produced these last few days, maybe even horrible blunders. He should be pardoned for being completely absorbed in the preparations for this -present- manifestation.

There was no need to have him design my blog, it's a simple template, but when the time comes I need another website, I already know who's going to build it. To all starters not yet having a website or wanting a new one I sincerely can only suggest this: let your web-plans and net-wishes made sea-worthy by thony, de proefpers.bill-board-back

Next to building websites and the careful treatment of texts, he designs and produces very original printing jobs for every occasion (hatches, matches and dispatches) and he is the only language printing nomad in the Netherlands, probably even in the whole world.

There he is, thony, de proefpers.
His own walking bill-board.

Do I have time left?
Concluding then, in one sentence:

Next to designing and building websites, graphic design and text-provision de proefpers, thony, occupies himself with manual production of straight to the point printing in "als elke kaart een origineel mag zijn" [when every print/card/copy is allowed to be an original] and besides that he - being the language printing nomad - stimulates the development of one's language, self-confidence in speech and writing in others, in the here-present disguise doing a remarkable thing: supplying ink to blank paper.